Monday, October 25, 2010

One Week Left...

It's a good thing that mom and I both have good long distance phone plans.  There are lots of last minute details to arrange this week.  As this is the first time either of us have travelled overseas we are both a bit nervous.  People have been great at giving us advice about all the things we need to bring with us that we probably wouldn't have thought about - like toilet paper, face cloths, and extra medication. 

We found out this weekend that depending how full the airplanes are we might be able to take mom's travel scooter on the plane with our carry-on luggage.  This has been really exciting for me as I dread pushing a wheelchair, plus carry our carry-on luggage, plus try to figure out where to go when we get to the airports in Frankfurt and Sofia.  Keep your fingers crossed that this will work out.

I've been reading my travel book this week and am really looking forward to getting to see some of the sites in Bulgaria, once mom is out of the hospital.  It sounds like there are some amazing churches, museums and architecture.  The trick will be of course discovering which of these places will be wheelchair accessible.  I think this will rule out most of the street markets.  We're hoping to also be able to take a bit of a tour out into the countryside.  It sounds like a beautiful country!

Let us know if you have any travel advice to share - either about Bulgaria or just travelling internationally.  We still have a week left to add things to the suitcases.

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