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Teresa, although born and partially raised in Ontario, is a Cape Bretoner.  She calls Iona, Cape Breton home and made the mistake while Maggie was growing-up of referring to Cape Breton as home too many times, which we will get to.

Teresa completed her B.A. and B.Ed. at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  It being the 1970's, teaching jobs were few and far between in Cape Breton so she packed her bags and went to Alberta, for "5 years until the economy turns around."

It was in Alberta that she met her husband Jim MacIntyre, another Cape Bretoner.  Although they married in Cape Breton they returned to Peace River, Alberta to start a home and family, and where Teresa still lives today. 

Maggie and Mom in Cape Breton, Summer 1982

Over the next few years their family grew to first include a daughter, Maggie, and then two sons, Duncan and Rory.  Teresa worked during this time as a kindergarten teacher in Peace River.

Duncan, Maggie, Rory, Jimmy and Teresa - Summer Vacation 1990, Frank Slide, Alberta
In 1990, after a two year battle, Teresa's husband Jim lost his battle with cancer.  Teresa was left a widow with three children. She continued teaching kindergarten part-time while raising her kids. 

Five years later, Teresa was diagnosed with primary progressive MS.  In this form of MS there are few drugs or treatments available.  Click here to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis.  This caused difficulties walking, using her right hand and fatigue.  Two years after being diagnosed, Teresa had to retire from her job as a teacher, going on disability.

Teresa's mistake of calling Cape Breton home while Maggie was growing-up caused Maggie to apply to go to university in Nova Scotia.  Teresa supported Maggie when she left to go to St. Francis Xavier University, both of her parents' Alma Mater, to pursue her education.  After completing her B.A. and a post-graduate certificate in Museum Curatorship, Maggie made her home in Nova Scotia working for the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History in Halifax.

Although they now live on opposite sides of the country, Maggie and her mom are very close.  Thanks to excellent long distance phone plans and the Internet they are in contact nearly every day.  A few months after Maggie got engaged to Nick, something very exciting happened... a major breakthrough and the first treatment they had heard about in years was announced for Multiple Sclerosis.  This treatment, known as the "Liberation Treatment" was still yet untested but the testimonial results were amazing.  Due to the untested nature of this treatment, the procedure has not been approved in Canada so Teresa applied to several countries that were offering the treatment.  In the winter of 2010 she heard that she had a place on the waiting list for treatment in Bulgaria! They were suprised and happy when a November appointment was given.  Maggie didn't hesitate, she was going too!

Maggie and Mom, Summer 2008

Today, fifteen years after her diagnosis, Teresa is reliant on a motorized scooter to get any long distances.  She continues to live at home in Peace River, with her son Duncan.  Rory lives five hours away in Edmonton.