Monday, December 20, 2010

Falling Down

One of the best things about growing-up in Peace River was the ski hill in town.  In the late 80s my parents decided to take advantage of this and bought us all skis, boots, poles and seasons passes for the ski hill.  I remember the first think you need to learn when you go skiing is how to get up from a fall.  Let's be honest... everybody falls down so it is very important that you can get back up to try again.  Once you master getting up you can go onto bigger and better things like learning to stop, snowplow, turn, go faster, do moguls, maybe even learn to do jumps.  At each of these stages though you will fall down and you will need to get back up.

So you are probably wondering where I am going with this.  With mom's MS one of her symptoms is she falls down.  Again we all fall down sometimes but mom just does it more often then the rest of us.  The problem however wasn't so much that she fell down more often, it was that she couldn't get herself back up easily.  At times it could take her over an hour to get up from a fall.  This was always frustrating for her as well as for everybody who would find out about it and couldn't help.

Well guess what she did this week?  She took a little fall and then got herself right back up, only using a chair as a support!  Huge!  Like with skiing, if you can get up from a fall you can learn/re-learn everything else!

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