Why Bulgaria?

Treatment and testing for CCSVI is currently not available in Canada.  It will be several years before this treatment might become available to Teresa.  Because Teresa has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis her condition will only deteriorate as she waits for the treatment to be tested and approved.  It is for this reason she has decided to pay to have the treatment done.

Several countries around the world are offering "medical tourism" hospitals for MS patients to get tested and treatment.  Bulgaria was one of the first countries to do this.  Other countries include Poland, Germany, India, and Mexico.  As Bulgaria was the first one to offer Teresa a spot, it is to Bulgaria we go.

The treatment is being offered at Tokuda Hospital.  They are becoming one of the leading hospitals in CCSVI.  They have a lot of information on their webpage.

Of course, as outlined on the Tokuda Hospital webpage, this treatment is not covered by our health care system in Canada.  To access this treatment will cost Teresa over $15,000.  None of this is being covered by her provincial health care.