Sunday, December 5, 2010

Three Weeks Post Liberation - Magic No, Miracle... maybe?

I was talking to Mom again tonight and thought I would fill everybody in with a bit of an update on how things are going.

When we went to Bulgaria we were all hoping for a magic cure.  We knew that wasn't likely but one can hope.  Mom was saying tonight that it is a little frustrating to not get the magic.  Every improvement is good but one can't help but feel a little frustrated and as though everybody is watching to see a miracle, the changes however are small and much harder to see.

I'm sure most of you, like me, have spent much of this week doing Christmas shopping and errands.  This is something we take for vantage - going in and out of stores, fighting line-ups, and maybe getting a hot chocolate as a reward for surviving.  Last year this was something mom didn't get to do much of  because going to just one store would tire her out.  This year however, post Liberation Treatment, this is the case!  This week she said she went downtown and went in and out of several stores, having to get the scooter in and out of the van by herself several times, and then came home.  Guess what?  She still had lots of energy!

Another thing that we take for vantage that mom just regained recently was the energy to stand up while doing her hair.  Before the procedure she would have to bring her walker over to sit on while straightening her hair, this week she did it while standing the whole time.

Of course Mom says she realizes that you can't just hope and pray for the best, you gotta work at it.  Although she is still on the waiting list to get into physio, with the help of Rory (a personal trainer) she has a daily work-out regime.  She is using the small weights that he bought her and doing half an hour of exercises every morning, several exercises throughout the day, and then an other fifteen minutes at the end of the day.  Each day she says she realizes she can do something better or do things that she hadn't be able to do just a few days ago.

So no it isn't the magic but I still think it is a miracle all the improvements that are coming.  For the first time in YEARS things are getting better... something we never thought was possible.  I keep thinking its like somebody turned a light of hope on that we never knew was possible.  If that isn't a miracle then I don't know what is.

Next week... One Month since treatment update!

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