How can YOU help!

The CCSVI treatment will cost Teresa over $15,000.  This treatment is NOT covered by provincial health care.  What can you do to help Teresa and other MS patients?

  1. Donate Money to Teresa via PayPal.  You will notice on the right hand side of this webpage is a PayPal link.  You can click here to donate using any major credit card or by through your PayPal account.  100% of your donations will go to fund Teresa's trip.  In exchange for a donation, we will send you a postcard from Bulgaria!
  2. Follow Our Blog and Encourage Other to Follow it Too!  Having your support while we are in Bulgaria will be a huge encouragement to Teresa.  You can read postings, look at our photos, email us via the blog or comment on blog posts.  Also be sure to share the blog with your friends and family who might be interested.
  3. Write Your Politicians.  If you think it is ridiculous that we need to go all the way to Bulgaria for this treatment than don't just complain to your friends, help change it!  We encourage everyone to write or email their MLA, MP, Premiers, Ministers of Health, Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, etc.  Tell them that you think Canada should be investing more money into testing and treating MS patients.  Here are some email address you get you started:
In Canada:

In Alberta:
In Nova Scotia:
In Prince Edward Island: