Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting Ready For Christmas

I'm sure everybody was up to the same thing this weekend... getting ready for Christmas.  Nick and I are coming to the end of the Christmas preparations and getting ready to just relax.  The tree is up.  The presents to Alberta mailed.  The rest of the presents are pretty well bought.  And most importantly Nick writes his last exam of this term tomorrow!  I had a bit of a delay in our Christmas prep yesterday with a migraine headache,  hence the delay in the weekly blog post.

Mom too has been getting ready for Christmas, which she said has been a huge amount easier this year than last.  The energy is still going strong.  Now she is starting to notice more strength improving.  She was putting her Christmas decorations up and was able to climb up and down the step stool four times!  She decided not to push the fifth time and instead made Duncan do the last thing. 

To mom, one of the most important parts of Christmas is of course going to church.  This week she went to church with Duncan and did something she hasn't done in a long time - stood up when everybody else stood.  Who knows, maybe soon she'll be able to walk up to get communion.  What an amazing New Years gift that would be.

Hope everybody's Christmas preparations are going as good as mom's are.  Less than two weeks left until the big day!

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