Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Morning Bulgaria

Well finally fell back asleep last night.  Thank goodness for my ipod though and it got me through several hours of wakefulness, and drowned out a bit of the dog that wouldn't stop barking. 

Mom is feeling more rested today, having slept over twelve hours last night.  We're going to go on some little adventures today and see what there is to see.  From our drive in yesterday afternoon we know her little scooter won't be able to go very far.  The sidewalks are okay for those of us walking but for mom's little scooter, which has the tendancy to tip when it hits a bump bigger than one inch it will be a problem.

Stay tuned for photos in the next few hours.

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Julia said...

Hey Maggie! Jer sent me the link to your blog. We wish your mom lots of luck with her treatment, and hope that you both have a good time in Bulgaria, despite the circumstances. We'll keep reading to find out how it goes, and to hear about your travels. Enjoy the food...