Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why CCSVI Needs to be Followed-Up, Tested and Done in Canada

I thought it would be interesting, as you might have already noticed, to include all the news stories done about CCSVI this week. This has been the fourth one I think in the last few days.

What angers me most if the lack of understanding people have about what is going on. The angioplasty that mom had is available to ANYBODY in Canada, so long as you don't have MS! I could get it if I needed it. My husband could get it. My brothers could get it. Her sister could get it. Her friends could get it. My friends could get it. But because mom has MS she can't.

Even more angering is the stories in the news that are showing how "risky" and "controversial" this treatment is are ONLY talking about people who have stents put in. While we were in Bulgaria we never met anyone who needed stents because nobody was that severe. At 80% blockage mom wasn't severe enough. Why aren't we paying more attention to this majority of patients who aren't getting the stents?

Anyways, enough of me ranting, here is the news story. My thoughts and prayers go out to this man's family.

CBC News - Health - Ontario man dies after MS vein opening

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Wendy said...

Does your mom have follow up care in Canada? Has she booked a Doppler Ultrasound for two-three month check post angiplasty? and will her doctor treat for possible blood clotting? Can you return to Bulgaria if you need to be reangioplastied? Those are the questions you need to answer before you leave Canada for treatment. That is why everyone advises caution and to go as local as possible.