Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mom's Awake... for now.

During the procedure, the doctor gave mom something for pain and to stop muscle spasms.  They told her it wasn’t supposed to make her tired.   I guess they didn’t realize how much she is affected by drugs as it knocked her right out.  She says they kept trying to wake her up during the procedure but she kept falling right back asleep.  She has hence been falling asleep for most of the evening since the procedure.

Haven woken up a bit more from the procedure mom is feeling okay and a little sore.  No results yet but as she gets rested we’re hoping to start to see if there will be any effects.  Right now she is just glad it is all over.  She had declared that she doesn’t like travelling or hospitals so this hasn’t been her idea of a good trip.  Hopefully once she gets rested we will be able to enjoy our last few days here and she will hopefully start to feel results soon.

I was talking to somebody else who’s family member had the liberation treatment today.  Like mom they are just tired and haven’t noticed any results yet but are hopeful that once they get home and back into routine things will start to improve.

That is probably it for us today.  It is nine o’clock and we’ll probably be calling it a day soon.  I’ll post tomorrow to let you know how mom is feeling tomorrow.  Its been a long day and mom’s tiredness is starting to become contagious.  Thank you to everyone for all your support today – all the comments on the blog, facebook and emails.  They have been really encouraging to read and know everyone is thinking of us.


Anonymous said...


I've been following you and your Mom's blog. I am glad it is now behind her and I hope the future is much brighter for her

Best wishes to you both

Veronica said...

Dear Maggie,
I hope fervently for the best for your mom, you, and entire family. I will keep reading and wishing you the best.