Friday, November 5, 2010

Waiting for the magic... and discharge papers.

Good morning everybody.  I must say we are a bit overwhelmed at all the people reading the blog.  Over 400 to the site yesterday!

Today is much slower.  The doctor came in this morning and did another doplar scan on mom's neck.  They are really happy with the results.  The doctor said that her veins were very collapsed and are now fully open.  The purpose of the scan today is to ensure they are staying open, which they are.  All three doctors who saw the scan were very pleased to see how well she has taken to the procedure.

No magic results yet from the procedure.  Mom is feeling good and very perky but hasn't noticed any major changes yet.  She's been wiggling her toes a bit on her bad foot which is good, mind you she isn't positive that she couldn't do this before surgery.  It is kind of funny looking for small differences.  You start to go a bit crazy wondering if something is new or the same.

We're now waiting for our discharge papers.  We were told at 9 am that they would be here within 40-45 minutes.  Three hours after that I asked at the desk and was told it would be another hour before we were discharged.  At least we know they haven't forgotten about us.

It is interesting to see all the people in the hospital.  We've met people from Alberta, heard people from Quebec and I've seen a few people carrying luggage with Air Canada tags on them.  I would say nearly a third of the patients in the cardiology department are Canadian.  To me, this alone, is major proof that this should be being tested in Canada.

I'll try to get some pictures up of the hospital later today just to show everyone where we've been for the last few days.  Here's hoping we get discharged soon... we're hungry and want to go for lunch!

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Rory MacIntyre said...

I may have been 50 of the 400 looking for

Hopefully the rest of the trip is more enjoyable once you are out of the hospital!