Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We're Here!

Talk about a long day but we've finally made it to Bulgaria.  We're now in our room at the hospital where we will be staying for the next few days. 

The flight from Toronto to Frankfurt was very crammed.  We ended up with a middle and window seat, not the best seating but not much we could do.  The kicking and screaming toddler behind me was also fun.  I kept reminding myself to be patient as the toddler's parents probably weren't enjoying this any more than I was.  I was able to sleep on and off on the flight but mom was awake the whole time, still being on Alberta time.

We didn't get to see anything in the airport in Germany.  We were taken through back hallways to a special room for people travelling with mobility needs.  We got to wait there until they were ready to take us to our next plane.

Thankfully both mom and I slept on the flight from Frankfurt to Sofia.  We were happy to wake up as the plane decended into Bulgarian mountains and into Sofia.  The people from the hospital met us at the airport and then it was about a 30 minute car drive to the hospital.  I had read in books before we came that the driving over here was crazy but I wasn't prepared for how crazy it really was.  People driving on curbs, two to a lane, no wonder we saw a few accidents on our way here.

No pictures of the arrival/trip to the hospital.  My camera ended up in the bag that got put into the trunk.  Will try to get some pictures up today or tomorrow.

Off to get some bulgarian money now so that we can eat dinner and then it will be an early night for us.  Miss you all!

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