Thursday, November 4, 2010

Well She's Back

It is 4:45 pm here and mom is settled back into her hospital room.  She slept through the entire procedure and is asleep again right now.  They had to open three blockages - two in her neck and one close to her heart.  They didn't have to put any stents in though.  She has to remain laying down, no sitting, for the next few hours.  This probably won't be a problem as it appears she is just going to sleep.  They have an IV set up with anticoagulant drugs plus she'll have to take asprin for the next while.

Tomorrow morning they do the doplar scan again to see how the veins are doing and ensure that they are staying open.  After the scan they will assess her case and decide when she can be discharged from hospital.

Don't know what else I can say.  Looks like she is sleeping good so she doesn't have much to say :)  I'll post again once she wakes up and is talking.

Love to everyone!


Kathleen said...

So good to hear Mags... Plenty of prayers and positive thoughts being sent your way...

Anonymous said...

just read your blog, we are thinking of you and your mom thoughts and prayers are with you.

Carol Anne and Ticker