Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Waking Up On the Wrong Side of the Bulgarian Bed...

Well it is our last day in Bulgaria before we head back to Canada.  (Hurray!)  I’m in a cranky mood this morning.  I don’t know if it is that I miss my own bed, am frustrated that I’m going to go out to museums today and mom can’t come with me because of the serious lack of accessibility for the streets/buildings, or if it is just that frustrating to sit in the dining room and see six families from Canada with MS here in Bulgaria.  

Just think about all the fundraisers that have been done and money that has been donated for people to come to Bulgaria for this treatment!  Imagine if that money had instead been used to have this done in Canada!  

We’re both really looking forward to getting home tomorrow.  We’ve had some nice times here but it really hasn’t been a vacation.  It has been hard with mom’s scooter.  The battery is starting to disconnect and the scooter is starting to stop working.  We think this is from it being shaken up so much on the cobblestones.  It is pretty scary to be sitting in a public location and the scooter stop working.  I’ve said quite a few prayers in those moments that I can get it going again. 

Well I’m off to see a few of the museums.  After our experience of getting mom to the museum the other day and finding out the elevator was broken she doesn’t want to come again.  I’ll go down for a few hours though.  I’m going to come back mid-afternoon though to help mom with some errands back here, like going back to the hospital to pay for the trip.

Talk to you all later.  If you have some free time today write your MLA and or MP.  I think they need to know how foolish this is.

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