Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Walk

Here are some photos from my walk this afternoon.  I told mom I would only be gone an hour.  I didn't realize how quickly the time would pass.  I'll need to take longer for my next walk so try to see more.  Today I went from the hospital up to the University of Sofia (or at least the science buildings).  Here is what I saw...

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This is the main road about a block from the hospital.  It has lots of new office buildings of major international companies (i.e. Microsoft, l'Oreal, Hertz, etc.).

Ever documentary and travel book I watched about Bulgaria showed old people sitting outside talking.  I thought it was funny so see this group doing exactally what the tourism books said they do.

I thought this was an interesting older-style building.  Grafitti is everywhere here.  I think more buildings were tagged than not.

There were little farmer stands like this all over the place in the residential area.  This one sold squash/pumpkins but the most common item I saw for sale at these stands was cabbage.

Religious statues and shrines were common too.  I didn't want to take pictures of ones with people at them.  This one had the sun behind it so it didn't photograph well.

Here is a typical building with little stores.

I thought this was a cool looking building.  Not typical but interesting.

There are a lot of little green spaces in the area of Sofia I walked through.  They are about as deep as a yard but run the full length of streets.  They must look super lush in the summer.

Here is the chemistry building at the University of Sofia.

Another building on the campus.

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