Thursday, November 18, 2010

Message from Mom - Two Weeks After the "Liberation Treatment"

It is two weeks today since the procedure.  I feel great.  The trip stress is beginning to fade.  It was a, for lack of exactly the right word, rather scary.  I am a homebody by nature so travelling half way around the world to a different culture, different language, and different attitudes caused a fair amount of distress.  The people were great, food fabulous, weather exceptional and all went well.   

I read where we need to wait for testing – that is like saying “we know that’s a great Band-Aid but it hasn’t been tested so sit very quietly and the blood will stop – we’ll get that Band-Aid later”.   I’m not dancing yet but I feel like I’m gaining ground.  Before the procedure, you feel the future is pretty bleak.  Looking forward to living in a nursing home, life is a movie to watch.  I still want to do things and share in my family and friends lives.   

I carried a plate of toast into the living room the other night – wow.  It seems so little but before I left, I hoped  I wouldn’t wake up exhausted and I could carry a cup of tea across the room!  I’m getting there.  There are many little improvements – hard to quantify but there none the less.  I can’t wait to get home where I can practice living more fully each day – unpack my suitcases and savour a new chance at life.   

Maggie has kept this blog going and done a great job but I would like to add my personal thanks for the support so many have given in many ways.  Where would we be without family and friends?  I especially want to tell everyone it was a godsend to have a daughter like mine, willing to give up holiday time, sick days, and time with her new husband.  She had to have much patience to help me and deal with all the aggravations of travelling with a disabled person.   

I am going home to start writing letters again to those in power to stop dragging their heels and hope you can do the same.  We should be able to receive this amazing gift.

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