Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mom's Improvements

We've been back in Halifax for a few days.  Mom is feeling good and full of energy.  She's been out and about most days since we've gotten out - shopping with her sister, nieces and myself.  Her energy is really good and she is out shopping all of us!

I'm back to work tomorrow so Mom will be at home for the day by herself.  Over the weekend she discovered that her walking was really starting to improve so now she'll have something to practice while I'm at work.  Check it out!

Before treatment... in our hospital room in Bulgaria.

After treatment... tonight in my condo.


PEI Home Economics Association said...

WOW! Mags, this is incredible!!

Good luck with back to work... Looking forward to hearing more and seeing you in a few weeks...

PEI Home Economics Association said...

And, by PEI Home Ec Asso'n, I meant to say: "Much love, KB"