Monday, November 1, 2010

We're off!

I can't wait to see mom in a few hours!  It sounds like she had a good trip to Edmonton with Rory.

We're both leaving our respective ends of the country today around the same time - 11 am in Nova Scotia, 8 am in Alberta.  I will be getting to Toronto about an hour before her so I'll have plenty of time to find which gate her plane will be landing at. 

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Rory took some pictures of Mom in the Edmonton Airport.  Here they are...

We have over five hours in Toronto Airport so we'll probably grab a bite to eat and I'll see about doing a post from there. It will be the first time mom will be with me when I blog so I'll see if she has anything to say.

We leave Toronto at 6:30 pm and fly to Frankfurt, Germany.  We are supposed to arrive in Germany at 7 am.

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We only have two and a half hours in Frankfurt so I'm imagining things will be pretty rushed.  We will need to get through customs here so that should be an adventure.  We leave Frankfurt at 9:30 and take our final flight to Sofia, Bulgaria, arriving at 12:45 pm, Tuesday November 2nd!

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In case anybody was doing the math on that this will mean that over the past few days mom will have traveled about 10 800 km and I will have traveled about 9 000 km.  I anticipate we'll be tired.  Thank goodness the rest of Tuesday is dedicated to resting!

Not to be political or anything but seriously, does anyone else think it is RIDICULOUS that mom is having to travel 10 800 km for medical treatment that isnt' being offered, let alone being tested, in Canada!  If you agree I encourage you to share this opinion with others.  See the "How YOU Can Help" Section of this blog for more information.


Duncan said...

They are starting to do stuff for it in Saskatchewan

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa and Maggie....Love and prayers to you both
Hope all is well
We are reading your blog