Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last Post from Bulgaria

Well this is it folks!  We're calling it a night here as our flight leaves at 6 AM and our ride to the airport comes at 4 AM.  Hoping to get a few hours of sleep between now and then.

Bulgaria has been an unforgetable experience - both good and bad. 

Mom is feeling good today.  She's been walking around the hotel room a bit with her cane and has noticed that her bad hand in now only half numb (it used to be fully numb).  Once she gets back  home and rested it will really make a huge difference we're sure.  She really hasn't done well with the time change and hasn't sleept through many nights so getting home and on normal time will help.

Nick is picking us up at the airport tomorrow at 5 pm.  It will be so nice to get home.  Nick has promised us a gourmet dinner, or at least a dinner ;)

Once we are back and over our jet lag we plan to do an afternoon tea at the condo for anybody who wants to come visit mom.  I thought I'd bake some cookies and cinamon rolls and have some tea.  It should nice to see everyone.  I'll post on the blog the where and when of this afternoon tea.

Mom and I really want to thank everyone for all their support while we've been away.  The comments and emails have really helped while we were over here. 

Mom says: "I'm coming home!  Put the kettle on for tea!"

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