Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our First Walk Around

After lunch mom and I went on a little walk around the hospital.  It is a beautiful day here, about 14 'C and sunny.  There is haze/fog/clouds preventing us from seeing the mountains very well.  Thought you might like to see the pictures...

Tokuda Hospital - Where we are currrently staying.

Another view of the hospital.

Example of new buildings in the area of the hospital.

Examples of some more typical buildings in area.  I think these are apartments.

More typical buildings.  This is a park in front of them that I'm going to go explore this afternoon.  We don't think the scooter can make it into the park so I'm going to go alone.

Mom on her scooter driving around the hospital.  Only the did the block around the hospital as mom found the sidewalks too rough for her scooter and we had some major obstacles in our way...

Hotel where we will be staying once mom gets through the procedure.

This is where we started to encounter the obstacles.  Can you see what they are?  Cars parked on the sidewalk!  Here at least we were able to get around the cars.  At least four times in the one block around the hospital we had to get mom off the scooter, lift the scooter onto the street, get mom back on the scooter and then drive on the road as the car was blocking the entire sidewalk.

Can you see the car in front of mom here blocking the entire sidewalk?

This is the building we see from our bedroom.  We've ben trying to figure out it if is a half-built or a half-demolitioned building.
We're back in our room now.  Mom is going to have a little rest and I'm going to go see what else I can see.    Maybe I'll post a few more pictures before the day is over.

I also wanted to share a news story from CBC Nova Scotia today.  This story is a reminder about why we need to write our politicians to get support for clinical trials for this treatment in Canada.

CBC News - Nova Scotia - Tory backbencher wants N.S. to pay for MS trial

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