Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jet Lag

I've always thought of jet lag as being too tired to stay awake.  Little did I know...

Mom was really tired when we got to the hospital today so she napped most of the afternoon.  By the time she woke up the cafeteria here at the hospital was closed for the day.  They stop serving food at 4 pm, it was 5 pm.  Our options for dinner involved going to the hotel where we will be staying after mom's surgery which is only a blog away, going in search of a restaurant or grabbing something in the cafe here in the hospital.  As it was already getting dark out and we weren't that sure of our area yet we voted for cafe food.  They had some lovely cheese buns (better than you would get in most bakeries in Canada) and iced tea.  

We tried to stay awake so the help combat jet lag so we put a movie on to watch.  Sadly, 45 minutes into the movie both mom and I were asleep.  I know Nick would laugh at this as I'm becoming terrible for falling asleep about half-way through any movie we watch at home.  After sleeping for over 5 hours I'm now awake and can't sleep for the life of me.  Mom thankfully is sleeping well so hopefully she'll be well rested for testing on Thursday.

There is a dog barking like mad outside.  I'll have to post some pictures of what we see from our window tomorrow.  Between the view and the dog barking it definitely has the feeling of a post-communist country trying to rebuild.  Its a strange place Sofia - some parts have amazing old architecture (like the hotel we will be staying at), some amazing brand new buildings (like the hospital we are in), and yet it is all surrounded by massive buildings that are either half-torn down or despite people living in them, look like they should be torn down.  

Well I should try to sleep again.  Maybe I'll try putting a movie on, that seems to normally put me to sleep :)

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