Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Hotel

Mom is feeling good today.  One of the nicest improvements we've noticed since the procedure is that she doesn't need to visit the "facilities" as often.  This has been so nice as it allows us a lot more freedom with our time.

Today was a nice relaxing day at the hotel for us.  It actually felt like a vacation day.  Here are some pictures of the hotel so you can see where we've been relaxing.
Here is our hotel.  It has changed ownership and name from Greenville Hotel to Park Inn by Radisson but everyone in Sofia still calls it the Greenvile. 

This is where Mom and I spent most of the day today... the Spa!  She had a manicure and I had both a manicure and pedicure.  They were they best mani/pedi I've ever had.  Mine took nearly 3 hours.
This is the back of the building.  The solarium room is the dinning room.  Every meal we go to the dinning hall is filled with Canadians with MS.  It is one of the most stricking things about being here.
Here is mom in our balcony, over-looking the dinning hall.
From our balcony we can see Tokuda hospital in the distance as well as the two other building that make up the hotel.  The balcony is the best part of this hotel room.  It really makes i feel fancy.
This is the main lobby of the hotel.  They have a sitting area right in the main area as well as a large sitting room over to the right of this picture.  The large sitting room is very nice but seems to be used as a smoking room so we haven't made use of it.  To the left of this area is a really nice bar.  I wanted to take a picture but there were too many people there and I thought they might not appreciate having their picture taken.  You can see the dining room in the distance with the glass roof.

Here is a hallway.  This one leads to the dining room, fitness room and spa.

The dining room, which is mom and I's favourite place in Bulgaria.  The food is wonderful.  The service is out of this world.  All the waiters have some working English.  I also think this is the sadest place I've been to as you look around every night and see 4-8 families here from Canada for this MS treatment.  If I could have my wish, I would have Canadian politicians come and sit in this room for dinner and see just how many Canadians are here and how MS is affecting their families.  Since we've been here we've meet people from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchwan, and lots from Alberta.  It is pretty shocking.

Here are some of the stairs.  Mom obviously isn't using these yet but they have elevators so we've been good.
Here is our bedroom.  It is pretty nice.  We have two single beds but there are rooms with bigger beds in them.

The bathroom, again we have a bidet.  We've been wondering about the phone and who you might want to call from the bathroom?

And finally the giant tub.  The edge of this tub comes up to my mid-thigh.  The question of the last few days is what is that rack behind the tub?  It has a dial on it to turn it up and down and is very sturdily attached into the tub however we have no clue what it is.  We have a prize for who ever can tell us what it is.
We're off to dinner now.  Looking forward to the good bulgarian food.  Tomorrow will be our last day in Bulgaria!  Mom is going to stay here at the hotel and rest for our big trip home but I'm going to go back downtown and visit some museums and sites.  Let me know if there is anything you want me to try to take a picture of and I'll see what I can do.


Dorothy said...

The rack above the tub is a heated towel rack.

alia said...

I've just caught up on all the entries! Glad things seem to have gone well! :)

Sofia looks like a gorgeous city. I would love to see some more of Europe.

have a safe trip back! *hugs*

Carey said...

Damn too late I knew it was a heated towel rack too. SOunds like things are going well. Thinking of you


Christine said...

The rack above the tub is a TOWEL warmer!! :)
We lived in Europe for 3 years and I miss them!! hahaha

ErinK said...

Hi Maggie,
I'm happy to hear your mom's endurance is improving. I'm sure things will improve more once you get back to Canada. It's so amazing that you were there to be with your mom. Thanks for the step-by-step.