Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mom's Heading Home

It is hard to believe that Monday is the end of the adventure.  Mom will be flying back to Alberta Monday evening.  Rory is picking her up at the airport and then they are driving back to Peace River on Tuesday.  She is really looking forward to getting back to her own house, cat and dog, and of course friends and family.

Mom is still noticing little things improving every day.  Most she has noticed more core strength and stability.  She recently has regained to ability to pull her self up to a sitting position in bed, rock in a rocking chair using her "bad leg," and walk using the cane.  She's been doing loops around the condo with the cane.

I asked Nick what he's notice different and he says "walk" and when asked to elaborate on how it has specifically improved he says "she can do it now."  It is only small walking yet but it is noticeably changing how she functions through-out the day.

It was nice at dinner tonight to discuss the future with mom.  Before going to Bulgaria this was always a very hard discussion to have, normally skirting around the idea of when she will need to move into a nursing home.  Tonight we were discussing future travels, plans and independent living.  A conversation that would we would never even have dreamed of having before this trip.  Everything has become so much more hopeful.

We plan to do weekly up-dates on the blog starting next week so that we can continue to track mom's improvements for the next few months.  It has been amazing to have everybody's support.  I know everybody in Alberta will be impressed with all her improvements and those of us in Nova Scotia will be looking forward to next time she comes back to visit... I told her she'll be running marathons by then!

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